export ccase

Exports a Rational® ClearCase® VOB to data files.


The export command extracts Rational ClearCase versions to intermediate data files for the ClearCase Version Importer.


  • To run ccc export ccase on the command line:
    ccc export ccase-i  |  --inputRoot ] input root [ -d  |  --dataDir ] data directory [ -F  |  --changeSetCommentFormat ] format [ --viewTags view tag [...]  |  --viewTagsFile view tags file ] [--prevDirs previous data directory [...]  |  --prevDirsFile previous data directories file ] [  --noHistory  |  --noMergePredecessors  |  --onlyPredecessors  |  --noObsoleteBranches  |  --since date-time value ]
  • Specify a change-set comment format:

    ccc export ccase -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c" -i m:\release_1_1_frozen\products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan 
  • Specify previous directories:

    ccc export ccase --prevDirs \\san\huge\export-sub1 \\san\huge\export-sub2 -i m:\release_1_1_frozen\products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c" 
  • Specify previous directories from a file:

    ccc export ccase --prevDirsFile C:\previousExportList.txt -i m:\release_1_1_frozen\products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c"   
  • Specify multiple view tags:

    ccc export ccase --viewTags release_1_0_frozen release_1_1_frozen release_2_0_frozen -i products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c"  
  • Specify multiple view tags from a file:

    ccc export ccase --viewTagsFile C:\viewTagsList.txt --prevDirsFile C:\previousExportList.txt -i products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c" 

Options and arguments

--noHistory ] 
Exports versions selected by views (optional).
--noMergePredecessors ] 
Exports versions selected by views and their direct predecessors (optional).
--noObsoleteBranches ] 
Exports versions only from non-obsolete branches and non-obsolete branch types (optional). When you export a UCM component VOB with the --noObsoleteBranches option, you must mark a branch-type obsolete as opposed to a UCM stream.
--onlyPredecessors ] 
Exports versions selected by views and their direct predecessors and their merge predecessors (optional).
--prevDirs ] space-separated list
The previously exported data directories. The command does not export file versions if they are already exported in the previous data. The option can be used when you export once and want to export only additional versions at the same root path or its parent root path (optional).
--prevDirsFile ] previous data directory file [...]
The path to the text file that contains directories of previously exported data in each line (optional).
--since ] date-time value
Exports versions created since the specific date and time in the ISO 8601 format (optional). The following examples are based on the date, July 3, 1994.
  • GMT time zone: 1994-07-03T08:44:24Z
  • Date/time in specific time zone: 1994-07-03T08:44:24+09:00
  • Date/time in local time zone: 1994-07-03T08:44:24
  • Date (interpreted as 00:00 in the local time zone): 1994-07-03
-d  |  --dataDir ] data directory
The directory to output data files.
-F  |  --changeSetCommentFormat ] format
The format string for versions (optional). Use the format string (fmt_ccase) for the cleartool describe command. The default is %Vn : %Nc. The output of the command is used for the Engineering Workflow Management source control change set comment for the import.
-i  |  --inputRoot ] input root
The root path to export. When the --viewTags or --viewTagsFile is specified, the value has to be a relative path to the Rational ClearCase dynamic view under a VOB root. Otherwise, it must be an absolute path to a folder or a file in a dynamic view. In UNIX or Linux®, the inputRoot arg value must start with /view and cannot be a relative path name. For example, /view/aClearCaseView/vobs/aClearCaseVob/aFolder. In Windows, the inputRoot arg value must start with M. It cannot start with any other drive letter, even if you have the view that is mounted on a different drive letter. For example, M:\aClearCaseView\aClearCaseVob\aFolder.
--viewTags ] space-separated list
The Rational ClearCase dynamic view tags with configurations that are imported as Engineering Workflow Management baselines (optional).
--viewTagsFile ] view tags file
The path to the text file that contains Rational ClearCase dynamic view tags in each line (optional).