To import the same Rational® ClearCase® data to a different component, you must first remove the clone mapping, or the mapping of files, of the previously imported data using the clones command.


The clones command lists or unlinks ClearCase Synchronizer clone links in a repository, or it can list or unlink all of the clone links in a component if the "component" option is specified. You can specify the -X parameter to unlink the clone links, which allows you to import the same Rational ClearCase data into a different component later.


  • To run ccc clones supplying credentials on the command line:
    ccc clones [ -X  |  --remove-links ] remove links -r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI -u  |  --username ] user ID in repository -P  |  --password ] password for user ID in repository [ -c  |  --component ] component
  • Example:
    • Specify the component to unlink the clone links:

      ccc clones -X -r -u adm -P adm -c c8
      Note: If you do not specify the -X parameter, the links are listed. For example:
      -sh-3.2$ ./ccc clones -r -u adm -P adm
      setting connection timeout to 7200 seconds.
      synchronizer version number "3.1.400.v20140519_0154"
      thisInfo: Component, otherUri: oid:d2a96941.36ff11e4.8632.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:70103804.36ff11e4.8625.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      thisInfo: Folder, otherUri: oid:d2a96935.36ff11e4.8632.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:83a80976.36ff11e4.862c.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      thisInfo: Folder, otherUri: oid:8f0c22f9.370611e4.86b3.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:83a80976.36ff11e4.862c.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      thisInfo: Folder, otherUri: oid:8f3c231d.370611e4.86b3.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:83a80976.36ff11e4.862c.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      thisInfo: FileItem, otherUri: oid:8f9c235d.370611e4.86b3.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:83a80976.36ff11e4.862c.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      thisInfo: FileItem, otherUri: oid:8f6c2341.370611e4.86b3.00:50:56:97:7e:3f@vobuuid:83a80976.36ff11e4.862c.00:50:56:97:7e:3f
      Listed 6 CLONE links
      -sh-3.2$ Specify the component to list or unlink the clone links:

Options and arguments

-r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI
Specifies the repository in which to take this action. If you have stored repository credentials using the ccc login command, you can use the nickname that you supplied for these stored credentials.
-u  |  --username ] user ID in repository
Specifies a user ID that exists in the named repository. If you specified a repository URI or nickname for which you have stored credentials using the ccc login command, this option is ignored.
-P  |  --password ] password for user ID in repository
The password for the specified user ID in the named repository. If this option is not included on the command line, you are prompted for a password. If you specified a repository URI or nickname for which you have stored credentials using the ccc login command, this option is ignored.
--certificate ] login certificate
Specifies the file that contains the login SSL certificate for the user.
--smartCard ]
Use the connected smart card for authentication.
-c  |  --component ] component
The Engineering Workflow Management source control component name to which to list or remove clones links.
-D  |  --check-dependencies ] check dependencies
Check runtime client library dependencies.
-s  |  --sync ] synchronize
Synchronize clones in Rational ClearCase and Engineering Workflow Management source control.
-v  |  --verbose ] verbose
Shows more information.
-X  |  --remove-links ] remove links
Removes all clone links (but leaves all files and folders intact).