Add Rational® ClearCase® files and folders to a synchronized stream, and synchronize them to a Jazz™ repository.


This command adds the specified path(s) as one or more synchronization roots in a synchronized stream. When the operation is complete, the specified files and folders (including sub-folders) have been imported to the synchronized stream, and you can then use the Engineering Workflow Management source control Load Wizard to specify how the files and folders in the synchronized stream should be loaded into a repository workspace. The alias for ccc addSyncRoots is ccc asr.


  • To run ccc addSyncRoots after you have used ccc login to create stored credentials:

    ccc addSyncRoots -r 
    |  --repository-uri ] repository URI or nickname
     { -v  |  --verbose ] } { [ -a | --append ] } [synchronized stream] [synchronization roots [...]] -W  |
     --wait ]

  • To run ccc addSyncRoots supplying credentials on the command line:

    ccc addSyncRoots -r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI -u  |  --username ] user ID in repository -P  |  --password ] password for user ID in repository { -v  |  --verbose ] } { [ -a | --append ] } [synchronized stream] [synchronization roots [...]] -W  |
     --wait ]

Options and arguments

-L  |  --locallySyncd ] 
Operate on all synchronized streams that are synchronized on this host.
-P  |  --password ] password for user ID in repository
The password for the specified user ID in the named repository. If this option is not included on the command line, you are prompted for a password. If you specified a repository URI or nickname for which you have stored credentials using the ccc login command, this option is ignored.
-r  |  --repository-uri ] repository URI
Specifies the repository in which to take this action. If you have stored repository credentials using the ccc login command, you can use the nickname that you supplied for these stored credentials.
-u  |  --username ] user ID in repository
Specifies a user ID that exists in the named repository. If you specified a repository URI or nickname for which you have stored credentials using the ccc login command, this option is ignored.
-v  |  --verbose ]
Provide additional informational messages while operating.
-W  |  --wait ]
The process should wait for the requested synchronization to complete {. | total iterations to wait [, seconds per iteration (default 60)]}. The value "." means to wait for up to 10 hours and to check every minute.
[ -a | --append ]
Append the specified roots to (do not replace) the list of roots to synchronize to the Jazz repository. This option is relevant only if roots have been specified in a preceding synchronization request, but have not yet been synchronized. With the –append option, the roots from the new request are appended to the not-yet synchronized roots from the previous request. Without the --append option, the roots from the previous request are removed from the request list and replaced with the roots from the new request.
synchronized stream
The name of a synchronized stream to which the synchronization roots are added.
synchronization roots [...]
A space-separated list of Rational ClearCase paths to be added as synchronization roots. You must specify one or more paths.
Note: If you add multiple synchronization roots that include the view root in the synchronization roots, an error displays, and the synchronization root values are truncated. Instead, the synchronization root path must be relative to the view-root. For example, /vobs/aVob-Name/aFolder on Linux or \aVobTag\aFolder on Windows.

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