Code review workflow

The code review workflow starts when the author of a work item submits the associated change sets for review to one or more reviewers. The reviewers get an email notification when they are added as approvers. The reviewers need to start the review and can either approve or return the work item after reviewing the code changes. This completes one review cycle when all the reviewers provide their approval. The author can initiate another review cycle either before or after the completion of the first cycle.
Code Review State Description
Pending A code review has been created on the work item but the author has not yet requested the review to be started.
Submitted The author has requested the reviewers to start their review (Re-submit in subsequent review cycles). Upon submitting for review, all reviewer states are set to Pending.
In Review The review has started by at least one of the assigned reviewers. Changes cannot be made by the author until the review cycle is complete (all reviewers have either approved or returned it).
In Revision All reviewers have completed their review and at least one has returned the review. The author must fix the issues raised and resubmit the code for review.
Approved All reviewers have approved the review. Reviewers can only approve if there are no unresolved issues at the time of their approval.
Closed The author has closed the review. Code review content aside from target stream cannot be changed. This can only be done when all reviewers have approved and there are no unresolved issues.

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