Code review preconditions

You can configure preconditions to ensure that policies are enforced before changes can be delivered. However, there are no default preconditions set for your product. You can configure preconditions as per your product requirement. For example, require must-fix issues are resolved before approval, require approver to review all files. Other examples of preconditions that are useful because of their relevance to the code review workflow.
Category Operation Precondition Description
Source control Deliver (client) Descriptive change sets This precondition requires that all change sets are associated with a work item, which is planned for the current iteration.
Source control Deliver (server) Require work item approval This precondition specifies the required approvals in order to deliver a change set.
Work items Save Work Item (server) Require must-fix issues resolved before approval This precondition specifies that a reviewer is prevented from approving a work item when must-fix issues opened by the reviewer are not resolved. Reviewers can approve when all must-fix issues they opened are resolved, or all must-fix flags are removed.
Work items Save Work Item (server) Require approver to review all files This precondition requires a reviewer to open all files in a code review before approving a review request in the work item.

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