list snapshots

Lists the snapshots that are associated with a workspace or stream. Snapshots are configurations of a workspace or stream at a particular point of time.


list snapshot, list ss

Usage: scm list snapshots [-r/--repository-uri <arg>] [-u/--username <arg> -P/--password <arg> | -u/--username <arg> --password-file <arg> | --certificate <arg> -P/--password <arg> | --smartCard -u/--username <arg> | --kerberos | --integratedWindows] [-j/--json] [-m/--maximum <arg>] [--projectarea <arg> | --teamarea <arg>] [-n/--name] [selector]

selector The workspace, stream (name[@repo], alias or UUID[@repo]) or snapshot prefix. By default, the selector refers to a workspace or stream. To refer to a snapshot prefix, specify the --name option.


-r, --repository-uri <arg> The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u, --username <arg> The user name for the repository.
-P, --password <arg> The password for the repository.
    --password-file <arg> File that contains the user's password.
    --certificate <arg> The file that contains the user's login certificate.
    --smartCard Use the connected smart card for authentication.
    --kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNeGO.
    --integratedWindows Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Integrated Windows Authentication.
-j, --json Enable JSON output.
-m, --maximum <arg> The maximum number of results that can be returned. The number must be greater than 0. If you omit this option, 10 is used by default. If you specify "all"/"-" then all possible results are displayed.
    --projectarea <arg> The project area to query about.
    --teamarea <arg> The team area to query about.
-n, --name Indicates that the specified selector is a prefix of the snapshot name.