list preferences example

list preferences example


lscm list preference
commit.atomic.maximum - -1 (files)
content.threads       - 10
dump.exception        - true
json.output           - false
log.level             - SEVERE
password.mask         - true
refresh.local.changes - true
repository.timeout    - 480 (seconds)
trace.dir             - /home/shashi/.jazz-scm
trace.dir.max_size    - 2000000 (bytes)
trace.disable         - 
trace.file.compress   - true
trace.file.max_size   - 1000000 (bytes)

If the verbose option is specified, the output will show the help for each of the options with the default value and current value.

lscm list preference -v
Name          : commit.atomic.maximum
Description   : Sets the maximum number of changes that will be committed as an
                atomic group. If any single file upload fails in a commit
                smaller than this number, the entire check in will fail, and
                no changes will be recorded in the remote workspace.  The
                value must be a positive integer.
Default Value : -1 (files)
Current Value : -1 (files)

Name          : content.threads
Description   : The command line client will use multiple threads to download
                content when possible. This value sets the maximum number of
                threads to use.  The value must be a positive integer.
Default Value : 10
Current Value : 10

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