list missing-changesets example

list missing-changesets example


C:\jazz\testCLI>scm show status
Workspace: (3007) "HEAD" <-> (3009) "HEAD"
  Component: (3010) "Component1"
    Baseline: (3011) 1 "Initial Baseline"
      Change sets:
        (3012) ----$ TestJazzUser1 "Add new line in b" 05-Nov-2015 01:24 PM
        (3013) ----$ TestJazzUser1 "Add b.txt" 05-Nov-2015 01:23 PM

C:\jazz\testCLI>scm accept 3012
Problem running 'accept':
Missing change sets found.
The change sets that you are accepting are built on change sets that are not in your repository workspace.
Either accept all change sets using the "accept-missing-changesets"
option or use the "queue-merges" option to begin merging.

Use the "list missing-changesets" command to list the missing change sets and see the additional changes.
Use the --accept-missing-changesets option to accept the missing change sets along with the change sets specified.
Use the --queue-merges option to begin merging only the change sets specified.

C:\jazz\testCLI>scm list missing-changesets 3012
Change sets that are not in your repository workspace:
Change sets:
  (3013) ----$ TestJazzUser1 "Add b.txt" 05-Nov-2015 01:23 PM

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