help example

help example.


To get help for the scm list subcommand:

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm help list
Help on list
List items. Different items can be listed, as specified by subcommands.

Aliases: ls

Usage: scm list <baselines|changes|changesets|components|credentials|daemons|locks|projectareas|properties|remotefiles|snapshots|states|streams|teamareas|users|workspaces> [subcommand-args]

baselines - Lists baselines.
changes - Lists the changes that are in the change sets.
changesets - Lists the change sets that are in the repository.
components - Lists the components that are in a workspace, stream, or repository.
credentials - Lists the credentials that were stored by the 'scm login' command.
daemons - Lists the user's running daemons.
locks - Lists the locks that are held in a stream.
projectareas - Lists project areas.
properties - Lists the properties that are currently set on files or folders.
remotefiles - Displays the file tree of a remote workspace.
snapshots - Lists the snapshots that are associated with a workspace or stream.
states - Lists the states of changes in the change set.
streams - Lists streams.
teamareas - Lists team areas.
users - Lists users.
workspaces - Lists remote workspaces.
To find out more about a subcommand, run 'scm help list <subcommand>'

To get help for scm list streams:

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm help list streams
Help on list streams
Provide a listing of available streams in the repository.

Aliases: stream, s

Usage: scm list streams [options]

--certificate arg - The file that contains the user's login certificate.
--projectarea arg - The project area to query about.
--smartCard - Uses the connected smart card for authentication.
--teamarea arg - The team area to query about.
-c [--contrib] arg - The contributor to query about.
-j [--json] - Enables JSON output.
-m [--maximum] arg - The maximum number of results that can be returned. The number must be greater than 0. If you omit this option, 10 is used by default.
-n [--name] arg - Name or pattern (*, ?). Lists all workspaces with the name that matches the specified name or pattern.
-P [--password] arg - The password for the repository.
-r [--repository-uri] arg - The URI that specifies the location of the repository.
-u [--username] arg - The username for the repository.
-v [--verbose] - Shows more information.