export code-review example

export code-review example.


To write output to a JSON file for code review work items that result from a work item query, create a work item query that displays the work items that you want the code review data for and use the work item query ID in the export code-review command. For example, in work item query https://example:9443/ccm/web/projects/#action=com.ibm.team.workitem.runSavedQuery&id=_UU6RMMqrEeWW1pjuq1MlnQ, the query ID is _UU6RMMqrEeWW1pjuq1MlnQ.

Use the query ID in the command to export the work items to the file. For example:

scm export code-review -r kg --json _UU6RMMqrEeWW1pjuq1MlnQ queryResult.json

The output is written to queryResult.json.

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