deliver example

deliver example.


Working in a sandbox, scm show status output shows that the sandbox contains an undelivered change set:

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>lscm show status
Workspace: (1101) "HelloJazz" <-> (1102) "HelloJazz Stream"
  Component: (1103) "HelloJazz"
    Baseline: (1104) 2 "base"
      Change sets:
        (1105) ---@ <No comment>

Run scm deliver, specifying the change set by its alias, to deliver the change set.

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>scm deliver 1105
Delivering changes from "HelloJazz" into "HelloJazz Stream"
  No baselines to flow.

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>scm status
Workspace: (1353) "accept1" <-> (1354) "abcStream1"
  Component: (1365) "accept1 Default Component"
    Baseline: (1366) 12 "ellaTest12SS"
      Change sets:
        (1764) -*--@  "No comment" 20-Aug-2014
            ---c- \10\10.txt

Deliver changeset 1764 from workspace "accept1" to stream "abcStream1"

C:\local-workspaces\HelloJazz>scm deliver 1764 -s 1353 -t 1354
Delivering changes:
  Repository: https://localhost:9443/jazz/
  Workspace: (1354) "abcStream1"
    Component: (1365) "accept1 Default Component"
      Change sets:
        (1764) ---$  "No comment" 20-Aug-2014 10:14 PM
            ---c- \10\10.txt
Deliver command successfully completed.

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