Workspaces and sandboxes

A workspace is an area where you can view or modify components. A repository workspace on the server stores components as versionable artifacts that can be loaded into a sandbox on the client, such as an Eclipse workspace or an ordinary folder.
A repository workspace is an object that stores items that have been placed under source control. Every repository workspace has an owner, and only the owner can make changes in the workspace. The configuration of a workspace is defined by the change sets that it contains. It can be modified, saved, and restored by using workspace tools. Changes that you make to items in your workspace remain private to the workspace until you decide to share them by delivering them to a workspace flow target. Flow targets are other streams or workspaces that specify the sources and destinations of incoming and outgoing change sets. When you want to work with changes that other users have made in their repository workspaces, you can accept them into your workspace.
Note: Workspaces in which none of the work is shared with other users have no flow targets, and cannot deliver or accept changes. You can accept changes from work items, even if you have no flow targets.

Repository workspaces and sandboxes

Repository workspaces are objects in the repository. Sandboxes are directories in your file system.

In the repository, files and folders are stored as versionable items whose data and metadata can be viewed but not directly modified. To support integration with file-based tools such as editors, compilers, and debuggers, files, and folders in a repository workspace are loaded (copied) into a sandbox on your computer. As you modify files and folders in the sandbox, you periodically check them in, which copies the changes to the repository workspace. When all the changes in your sandbox are checked in, the repository and sandbox have the same content.

Figure 1 illustrates a simple configuration of a repository workspace and a single component. Check-in copies changes from the sandbox to the repository workspace. Load updates the sandbox with the contents of the repository workspace.
Figure 1. Check-in copies work from your sandbox to your repository workspace
A check-in from a sandbox to a repository workspace.

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