Sharing files to a repository

After you create files, share the files to a repository workspace.

A newly created file in the workspace is displayed in the list of files, either in the z/OS UNIX Directory List panel or the Source Control panel.

In the z/OS UNIX Directory List panel, a new file is in a directory that is already shared. The SCM column contains an asterisk (*) next to the file, which means that the file is in a pending change that needs to be checked in. The file does not have to be shared.

In the Source Control panel, the SCM column contains a question mark (?) next to the file, which means that the file is not under source control. To get the file under source control, share it to a repository workspace. You can share the file to a repository workspace that is already loaded or to a new repository workspace. Depending on your choice, continue sharing your file by using one of the following procedures:

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