z/OS source control command line reference

The z/OS® command line interface provides the same flexible, scriptable access to essential Engineering Workflow Management operations as the Engineering Workflow Management command line interface, and from any command shell, but it offers additional features that are unique to running the SCM command line on z/OS. SCM commands that are supported only by z/OS include create dataset, list dataset definitions, zload, and zimport. The zimport command is also supported by the lightweight SCM (LSCM) environment.

On z/OS, Engineering Workflow Management source control command line tools are installed in pathPrefix/usr/lpp/jazz/v6.0.5/scmtools/eclipse, where pathPrefix is any prefix used during the SMP/E installation process.

For more general information about Engineering Workflow Management SCM options and arguments, refer to this topic: scm.

Configuring the command line PATH variable

If you want to run the command line interface (CLI) from a location other than the installation directory, you must add scm to the PATH environment variable. You can set this variable using a command like this:
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lpp/jazz/v6.0.5/scmtools/eclipse
You can also set the PATH variable for all users in /etc/profile, or in $HOME/.profile, where $HOME is the home directory of a specific user.

To use the CLI with z/OS, you must set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to a directory that contains a Java™ 1.6 software development kit (SDK), or other supported SDK, as documented in the system requirements help content here: ../../com.ibm.jazz.install.doc/topics/c_req_hardsoft.html.

You can set this variable using a command like this:
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lpp/java/J6.0.5
You can also set the JAVA_HOME variable for all users in /etc/profile , or in $HOME/.profile, where $HOME is the home directory of a specific user.

If you use the CLI on z/OS, you must log in with a region size that is large enough to run a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This is usually 1000 MB, so you must specify a region size of at least 1000000.

Working in the command line on z/OS

  • Before users can run source control commands on z/OS, you must set the SCM_WORK environment variable. During every source control management operation, source code data is updated to a directory that you specify. The source code metadata for a loaded sandbox follows this format: <SCM_WORK>/SCM/<SandboxPrefix>, where <SCM_WORK> is the value you set for the SCM_WORK variable, and <SandboxPrefix> is the prefix of the sandbox where you manage your local source control artifacts.
  • You must not delete this directory. If you do, your source code changes cannot be synchronized with your source code data.
  • The SCM_WORK directories must be unique for each source control user.
Tip: You can use a password file to use the scmtools command line on z/OS. To do so, you must generate this file by specifying the --generatePasswordFile option in the login command. For explanations about this option, you can type scm help login in the command line.
For more information about command syntax, shell conventions, managing credentials, sandboxes and scm subcommands, UUIDs and aliases, and status flags, see Source control command line reference.