Source code data collection service

The source code data collection service regularly updates your source code data so that, when you run a dependency build, the source code data is in sync with your most recent source code changes.
Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) scanners collect source code data to help find source code dependencies for a build. To collect source code data, you need the following:
  • A source code scanner: Scans source files and collects dependency data, which provide information about dependencies both on and of those files.
  • An associated language definition: You can associate some or all of your source files with language definitions. When you associate a source code scanner with a language definition, it tells the source code data collection service which scanner to use for which files. You must associate with a language definition any source files that you want to scan for source code data.

The source code data collection service does not automatically scan all streams to collect source code data. It only scans the streams that you want to scan. By default, no streams are selected for scanning. To enable a stream for source code data scanning, perform the following steps:

  1. Expand the Enterprise Extensions node. Then select Source Code Data > Open Scan Configurations to open the Scan Configurations editor.
  2. In the Scan Configurations editor, select the stream for the scan.
  3. Click the Request Scan (Request Scan icon ) icon in the toolbar.
  4. On the Select scan type page of the Request Scan wizard:
    • To scan only the files that have changed, select the Scan changed files only option.
    • To update the source code data, select the Scan files associated with language definitions option. Click Add to select the language definitions to scan the associated files.
    • To reset the source code data, select the Reset scan option. Select this option only when something is wrong with your source code data and you have to completely re-create it for your stream.
  5. Run the scan.
The source code data collection service updates your source code data in one of the following two ways:
  1. With a default data scanner included with EWM
  2. With data scanners that you provide to keep your data in sync with the latest source code changes

You can change the frequency with which the source code data collection service runs, and you can easily view file data. For more information, refer to one of these topics:

Viewing source code data with the Source Code Data editor

Changing the source code data collection service interval

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