Change sets in a workspace

You can manipulate the change sets in your workspace to modify workspace content.

All of the change sets for a component are visible in the History view. The following operations are possible on any change set that is part of the component history (neither incoming nor outgoing):

The change set is removed from the sandbox but preserved in the repository so that it can be restored when you want to resume work with it. Suspending a change set is an effective way to temporarily remove an active, completed, or accepted change set from a workspace. Suspending an accepted change set causes it to be classified as both Incoming and Suspended.
The change set is unloaded from the sandbox and removed from the repository workspace. When you discard an accepted change set, it returns to the component's Incoming folder. Discard is a way to undo a previous Accept.
Reverse provides a way to undo the changes in a completed change set while still including the change set in the component. This is often done as a way of undoing changes introduced by an earlier deliver if, for example, the delivery creates problems in other workspaces. During the reverse, a patch that undoes the changes in the change set is created. The patch is merged in the local sandbox and the subsequent local changes can then be checked in and thereby undoing the effect the reversed change set had on the configuration. As with suspend and discard actions, the effect of the change set is undone, but the original change set remains in the history of the workspace component. When the reversal change set is subsequently delivered to flow targets, the effect of the change set is undone.