Change flow

Change sets flow between a repository workspace and its flow targets. Most workspaces have at least one flow target. Many have more than one. Flow targets can include streams or other workspaces.

Change sets flow through the Engineering Workflow Management source control system in a way that reflects a team organization and the relationships among components under development. When you use Engineering Workflow Management source control change flow tools, you can work in isolation when necessary, keeping your changes from propagating beyond your workspace until you are sure they are suitable for wider exposure. You also avoid the disruptions that can be caused when other developers change resources that your work depends on. These tools also make it easy to combine the work of other team members with your own when you are ready, make your own work available to others in various ways, and undo (temporarily or permanently) changes that prove to be problematic in your workspace.

Figure 1 illustrates a typical team change flow.
Figure 1. Team change flow
A typical team change flow

The types of operations permitted on a change set depend on whether the change set is classified as incoming, outgoing, or neither.

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