z/OS mass import tool overview

Use the mass import tool to import members from multiple partitioned data sets (PDS) into z/OS® source control.

You can set up the import process with options and mapping files that automatically create the required project structure and data set definitions. You can also associate members with language definitions. A language definition describes how members are built by specifying preprocessing tasks and setting the correct compiler and compiler options.

The mass import tool is intended to be used by project administrators who are responsible for setting up version and source control systems.

The import process automatically creates another repository workspace that contains projects, called zComponent projects, in which your PDS members are organized and stored. You can use a mapping file to define a more detailed project structure before you run the import command. With a mapping file, you can specify which PDS members are placed in which zComponent projects and subfolders, called zFolders. The mapping file also specifies which component contains each zComponent project. You can also use the mapping file to associate fully qualified PDS member names to a language definition that you previously created.
Important: You must create a mapping file to run the zimport command.
  • If you do not create a mapping file, this error message is displayed: CRHTC0602E Missing required argument: mapfile. Try scm help zimport for more information.
  • If you specify an empty mapping file, the return code is 0. A repository workspace is created although there is nothing to zimport.
  • If you specify a mapping file with a P rule and a data set name that does not exist, the return code is 0. A repository workspace is created although there is nothing to zimport.
  • If you specify a mapping file with a P rule and an existing data set name, but no optional zFolder is named, the return code is 0. A repository workspace is created and all imports are done.

Run the mass import tool from the z/OS command-line interface (CLI) by running the zimport subcommand of the SCM or LSCM command. The SCM and LSCM commands are found in the following directory:@pathPrefix@/usr/lpp/jazz/v6.0.5/scmtools/eclipse, where @pathPrefix@ is any path prefix that is specified during the SMP/E installation. After you import the PDS members, they are contained by a zComponent project in the newly created repository workspace.

The zimport subcommand on z/OS is much like the share subcommand on Windows or Linux. However, files in Engineering Workflow Management source control source control management (SCM) are stored hierarchically. Data set members in the non-hierarchical MVS file system must map to the correct corresponding location in the Engineering Workflow Management SCM during the share. This information is given as part of the required mapping file.

  • You must run the zimport subcommand on z/OS. It does not run on Windows or Linux.
  • The ZLANG environment variable can also be set, but use it only for special cases.
    Note: Set the ZLANG variable when the code page of the members you want to import is not the default code page on the z/OS system. To determine your system’s default encoding, run this command from UNIX System Services: chcp -q.
    You can set the ZLANG variable as shown here:

    export ZLANG=IBM-1140

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