Mass import mapping file overview

The mass import mapping file defines the rules that determine certain zimport behaviors.

Before you can use the zimport command to perform a mass import, you must create a mapping file. This mapping file defines the necessary rules that determine the following zimport behaviors:
  • Which zComponent project and zFolder to put members of a partitioned data set (PDS) into
  • Which Jazz® component should contain that zComponent project
  • Which language definition to associate with the PDS members
  • You do not have to associate a language definition with imported members. This is an optional step.
  • You can save your mapping file anywhere on your HFS. When you run the zimport command, you will specify the file path of the mapping file using the --mapfile argument.

For a detailed description of how to create a mapping file, including required formatting, see Mass import tool mapping file format.

Important: If you do not create a mapping file, this error message is displayed: CRHTC0602E Missing required argument: mapfile. Try scm help zimport for more information.