Creating reports from TRS feeds that include start and end dates of work items

You can create a report from a TRS feed that includes the start and end dates of work items

About this task

The start and end date of a work item is based on the latest planned snapshot that contains the work item. You can use this data in Jazz™ Reporting Service reports. To publish the start and end dates of work items:


  1. Open Report Builder using your Report Builder URL (for example: https://localhost:9443/rs/reports).
  2. Click Build.
  3. On the Report Builder page, click the CHOOSE DATA tab:
    1. In the Choose a report type field, select Current Data.
    2. In the Data Source field, click the edit icon, and select Lifecycle Query Engine.
    3. In the Choose Artifact field, select Work Item, and click Continue.
  4. In the Trace relationships and add artifacts field, click Pick a relationship, and select Schedule:

    Select Schedule

  5. Click OK and then click Continue:

    TRS Electronic signatures

  6. In the Set conditions field, click Add Condition:, and select Planned Start Date, and select the date you want to use. Click Planned End Date, and select the date you want to use. Click Close and click Continue:

    Add creation date

  7. In the FORMAT RESULTS tab, ensure that creation date and Creator appear, and click RUN REPORT:

    Format results

  8. Your report appears with the schedule information displayed:


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