Change and configuration management reportable REST API

The Change and configuration management (CCM) application provides a reportable REST API, which can be used by live reports and by data collection jobs to access CCM application data.

The IBM® Engineering Workflow Management reportable REST API is different from many traditional domain APIs. Rather than providing resource URLs that point to specific items (ex, a single work item or a single build result), it provides access to five monolithic resources:
  • foundation: Common artifacts such as project areas, team areas, contributors, iterations and links
  • scm: Source Control artifacts such as streams and components, as well as stream sizing deltas
  • build: Build artifacts such as build results, build result contributions, build definitions, and build engines
  • apt: Agile Planning artifacts such as team capacity and resource schedules and absences
  • workitem: Work Item artifacts such as work items, categories, severities, and priorities
These resources are not individual work items, or individual build results, etc. The top-level resource is a container resource which represents the result of a query for one or more elements, providing flexibility in filtering and querying. For example, a workitem resource may contain one or more elements which are actually work items, depending on the query/filter passed to the REST API.
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