About the change and configuration management BIRT reports

The Change and Configuration Management application includes a number of predefined BIRT reports that you can use to identify trends in your project. The predefined reports are organized into reporting categories, such as build reports, source control reports, and work item reports.

You run the reports directly in the Change and Configuration Management application interface.

Each BIRT report has a Parameters section, listing the criteria that you can use to run that report. If you use the same report and parameters repeatedly, you can make a copy of the report and save the parameters for easy access. Many of the reports are interactive and allow you to drill down into the information that is presented in the report. You can click on links, bar graphs, and pie charts to see specific information. By default, BIRT reports are grouped in folders by report type.

Table 1. BIRT Report types
Report Type Descriptions
Build See Build reports.
Source Control See Source control reports.
Work Items See Work item reports.

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