Configuring the ClearQuest Chart widget

Configure the ClearQuest® Chart widget to run a Rational® ClearQuest query and display the results in chart format.

Before you begin

This topic assumes that you have already added the Chart widget on the dashboard by following the instructions in Adding the ClearQuest Chart widget on the dashboard.


  1. If you are not already logged on to the user database, click the Login link that appears in the Chart widget. You must log on before the Jazz® Team Server can access the ClearQuest user database by using your login credentials.

    Screen capture of the ClearQuest Chart widget in which the Login link appears

    An authorization dialog box opens.

  2. Type your user ID and password and click Continue.
    You are prompted to select a user database.

    Screen capture of the ClearQuest Chart widget prompting you to select the user database

  3. Select a database from the User Database list and click Continue.
    A navigation pane displaying your ClearQuest workspace opens.

    Screen capture of the navigation pane in the ClearQuest workspace

  4. Navigate the workspace, select a query, and click OK.
    You are prompted to select a display field for the chart.

    Screen capture with the ’Select a display field for the chart’ menu

  5. Select a display field from the Select a display field for the chart menu and click Continue. The query runs and the Chart widget is populated with the results.

    Screen capture of the ClearQuest Chart wizard with a chart display

  6. Notice that the default title of the Chart widget is comprised of the following items:

    query name (total record count returned) - display field name - schema repository/user database

    Hover over a bar to see the record count of the grouping value. Click a bar to open the ClearQuest Web interface and view the record results in that grouping.

  7. (Optional) You can modify the appearance (title, trim, background color) and settings (presentation/chart type, theme) of the widget display by clicking the down arrow screen capture of the down arrow icon in the widget toolbar and selecting the associated property option.
  8. Remember to save your changes by clicking the Save button on the dashboard toolbar.