Updating and resolving records linked to work items

You must manually update and resolve a record linked to a work item.

About this task

Updating and resolving a work item does not automatically update and resolve a linked record. Similarly, updating and resolving a record does not automatically update and resolve a linked work item. This topic describes how to update and resolve a record that is linked to a work item.


  1. Open the work item.
  2. Click the Links tab.
  3. If there are records that are linked to the work item, then they appear in the Links section under the Related Change Requests heading. Hover the mouse pointer over a record link to see a summary of the record.
  4. Select the record that you want to update.

    If you have not established a ClearQuest® session, you are required to authenticate. In the Authorize window, enter your user ID and password and click Continue.

    The record opens in the ClearQuest web client.

  5. Update the record and save your changes.
  6. Resolve the record when you have completed the associated work.
  7. You can return to editing the linked work item in the Jazz™ web client by clicking the Links tab on the record and following the work item link.

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