Getting started with the ClearQuest Bridge

With the ClearQuest Bridge, you can work with ClearQuest® records in an agile environment.

Although with the Jazz® work items component you can submit and track defects, tasks, and enhancement requests, your team might need to also access ClearQuest records stored in a ClearQuest user database. With the ClearQuest Bridge, you can associate ClearQuest records with Jazz work items and work with the records in an agile environment.

Both the ClearQuest Bridge and the ClearQuest Synchronizer allow you to associate ClearQuest records and Jazz work items, but the ClearQuest Bridge does not require the creation and maintenance of synchronization rules or the duplication of data in multiple repositories.

You can create associations between work items and records from either IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) or ClearQuest. Regardless of where the association is created, links are added to both the work item and the record. Hover over the link to view additional information, or click the link to open the associated artifact.

As the figure below shows, the ClearQuest Bridge involves communication between your Jazz Team Server and your ClearQuest Web Server and ClearQuest user database.

Diagram that shows communication between the EWM Web Client, Jazz Team Server, ClearQuest Web Server, and ClearQuest user database.

First steps

For a comprehensive list of the prerequisites and steps required to configure the ClearQuest Bridge for use in your production environment, see Configuring the ClearQuest Bridge.

For details about working on ClearQuest records and Jazz work items in an agile environment, see Agile planning for ClearQuest records.

For ClearQuest Bridge troubleshooting information, see ClearQuest Bridge limitations and known problems.