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Lesson 2: Modify an impact analysis diagram

In this lesson, you modify the impact analysis diagram. You expand the diagram dynamically from a specific artifact, change the depth and the direction of the overall analysis, and remove the artifacts that you do not need.


  1. Explore the diagram from the Navigation Tree. The navigation tree lists groups of artifacts that are in the diagram. When you click an artifact, the artifact is highlighted at the center of the diagram.
    1. Expand the elements in the navigation tree, and expand the TestCase section.
    2. Select Donor can modify mobile settings. The node that corresponds to this element is highlighted on the diagram.

      How to highlight nodes using the Navigation Tree.

  2. To expand the analysis of a specific artifact, right-click it, and click Expand.

    Expand the analysis for a specific node.

    The diagram shows you which other artifacts are affected by the selected artifact. The current default profile is used for the analysis (two levels downstream from TestCase).
  3. To increase the overall depth and direction of the analysis, on the Traversal tab, change the Traversal value to Upstream and Downstream. In the Upstream Depth and Downstream Depth fields, enter 3 and click Apply.

    Configurations on the Traversal tab

    Tip: To make more room for the diagram, close the configuration window. Click Close at the top right of the configuration window.
  4. To hide artifacts from the diagram:
    1. Expand the Property section in the navigation tree.
    2. Click High. You see the corresponding node highlighted in the diagram.

      Node highlighted based on the property that is selected in the navigation tree.

    3. Right-click High in the diagram, and select Hide Type > Property.

      Hide nodes of type property.

      Tip: You can hide individual artifacts, or you can hide all the artifacts of a specific type.
    4. Confirm that you want to hide the artifact type Property from the diagram, and click OK.
    All nodes with the Property type are removed from the diagram.


You learned how to explore and modify an impact analysis diagram to show only the related artifacts that are relevant for your analysis.
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