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Lesson 1: Create an impact analysis diagram

In this lesson, you search for an artifact, and then run Impact Analysis from one of the items in the search results to explore related lifecycle artifacts.


  1. Log on to IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI). In a web browser type http://server:port/relm/web.
  2. To open the project, click JKE Banking on the My Projects tab.
  3. Search for the artifact to focus on.
    1. Click in the Search Artifacts box in the top right corner of the screen, type devices, and click Enter.

      Search Artifacts box

    2. Find a specific artifact and run impact analysis on your focus artifact. In the list of search results, move your mouse over the Support dividend processing via mobile devices story. When you see icons in the right side of the screen, click Start Analysis Start Analysis.

      Start Analysis icon in the search results window.

      In the Impact Analysis dialog box, the artifact that you selected is shown in the Focus Artifact field. The default profile is already selected. This profile creates a diagram that shows artifacts that are related to the focus artifact, exploring two levels downstream.

      Start Analysis for the focus artifact.

    3. Run impact analysis on your focus artifact. Click Start Analysis.
    4. Click and drag the diagram with the mouse to explore the artifacts it contains.
      Impact analysis diagram that is created with the default profile.
    5. Enter a name for your diagram and save it.


You created an impact analysis diagram that shows the artifacts that are associated with the Support dividend processing via mobile devices story within two levels downstream.
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