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Tracing relationships of IBM Watson IoT Platform or IBM IoT Connection Service artifacts in views

You can create traceability views to visualize the relationships of Watson IoT Platform or IoT Connection Service artifacts. To build the view, you use the IoT Platform custom artifact elements.


  1. In the menu, go to Views > Create > View.
  2. In the Create a view dialog box type the view name, for example LFWM Traceability, and click Finish.
  3. To add artifacts, expand Custom Artifact Elements in the palette, and drag the Device Type custom artifact element onto the canvas.
  4. In the Set Parameters dialog box, set specific parameters to filter the artifacts in the container, and click OK.
    Note: If you don't select any parameters, the container shows all artifacts.
    Drag the Device Type custom artifact element to the canvas.
  5. To add related artifacts, right-click the container, and click Show links to.
    Show links to.
  6. Use the wizard to select what related artifacts and link types to show in the view. Then click Finish.
    Container links
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to explore relationships to other artifacts. When you are satisfied with the view that you created, save it.
    Traceability view.
  8. You can focus on a specific artifact. For example, in the IoT Device Type container, select the LFWM artifact, and click Dependency Analysis > Downstream.
    Dependency analysis.
    You can now visualize all the artifacts related to LFWM. A single view includes related artifacts regardless of their source: Watson IoT Platform or IoT Connection Service artifacts, change requests, requirements, and testing artifacts.

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