Organizing views and reports in folders

Set up a folder to organize a group of views or reports. You can add your own top-level folders or subfolders in My Views, or My Reports. You can add top-level folders or subfolders for your team in Shared Views, or Shared Reports.


  1. Open the Views or Reports page. Click the tab where you want to create the folder, either private or shared, for example, My Views or Shared Views.
  2. Click the Create Folder button.
  3. In the Folder dialog box, give the folder a name and a description, and then click Create.


A team working on the HeartValve product is ready to develop their next product, HeartValve-2. Several views and reports are created to support the new product. The product manager creates top-level folders called HeartValve release 2.0 in Shared Views and Shared Reports so the team knows which views and reports to focus on.

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