Opening artifact links in Engineering Insights

Artifacts, including work items, requirements, design models, and test cases, are retrieved by the index. You do not have to open a link to view information about it, but if you want to modify the artifact, you must open the artifact in the original lifecycle application tool.

About this task

You can view information for an artifact in several ways.

  • In the Views page, hover over an artifact in My Views, or Shared Views, and read the hover text.
  • In the Analysis page, in the analysis output, click an artifact, and then click the Preview icon to read the hover text.

For example, if you are on the Views > Shared Views > Change request explorer - work item hierarchy page, and you want to view information for a requirement, hover over the requirement and view the information in the preview window. To modify the requirement, you must open it in the requirements management tool.


  1. In the Views page, hover over an artifact in a view, and click it.
  2. Click the menu arrow, and select Show Artifact. The artifact opens in the original lifecycle tool.
  3. On the Views page, hover over the artifact to see the changes you made. Click Show Detail, if necessary. If you do not see the changes, click Refresh.

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