ENI log file locations and tracing

If you encounter errors or exceptions, you can use the log files and application logging to research the issues and find resolutions. The IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI) log file name is relm.log.

If you are using the default application server, the log file location is Install_Dir/server/logs.

If you are using WebSphere® Application server, the default xx.log file location is WAS_Install_Dir/server/profiles/<profile_name>/logs.

The location of the log files is determined by the log4j.properties file in the JAZZ_HOME/xx directory. The default setting for the xx.log file is log4j.appender.logfile.File=logs/xx.log. For example, the default setting for the jts.log file is log4j.appender.file.File=logs/jts.log.

Logging and tracing are configured in a configuration file: Install_Dir/server/conf/relm/log4j.properties. This file is loaded at server start-up, or on-demand (dynamically) by invoking a special administrative operation. After any changes, it must be reloaded for the changes to take effect.

By modifying log4j.properties you can set:
  • Log level: off, fatal, error, warning, informational, debug, trace, all. The default is WARN.
  • Log size and rotation policy
  • Which components are logged.

Reloading log4j.properties dynamically

  1. On the ENI administration console, reload the settings. Type https://hostname:9443/relm/admin#action=com.ibm.team.repository.admin.reloadLoggingSettings in your browser.
  2. Click Reload Log Settings.

    The reload is successful if you see the following message under the Reload Log Settings button: Log Settings reloaded = [true]

Managing the size of the log file

By default, the size of the log file is set to 10 MB and the number of backup files are set to five in the log4j.properties file. This file is in the Install_dir/server/conf/relm directory. You can change the rollover property of the log4j.properties file as needed.

To do size-based rollover, update the numeric value of the following lines:


These lines limit the log file size to 10 MB and the number of backup files to 5.

You can also do time-based rollover, set a date, or do daily rollover. To do a daily rollover, change log4j.appender.file=org.apache.log4j.FileAppender to log4j.appender.file=org.apache.log4j.DailyRollingFileAppender. This change starts rewriting the log file every midnight.

Separating trace output from logging output

When enabled, trace information is added to the relm.log file. To redirect the trace information to another location, define an appender with the Threshold value in the log4.properties. For example:
log4j.appender.trace.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ISO8601} [%30t] [%x] %5p %c  - %m%n
All messages that are TRACE level and higher (that is, all messages) are logged to the relm_trace.log file.

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