Getting started with Engineering Insights

Learn how to install, configure, and use IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI).

If you are new to ENI, read Overview of Engineering Insights to learn about this application.


ENI is included in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM). You have to purchase a license to use the product.
  • To perform a web installation, download the web installer for your platform from the Click the version that you want to use, and go to the All Downloads page and extract the .zip file. Open a command window, change the directory to where you extracted the .zip file, and run the launchpad (launchpad.bat or, depending on your platform).
  • If you need to install the server in an environment without Internet access, go to the All Downloads page, download a repository for the server and trial licenses, and install by using IBM Installation Manager.
Use the following links to learn how to install the product:
  1. Find and read Installation overview topics.
  2. Plan the deployment and installation.
  3. Use the Interactive installation guide to build a set of instructions to fit your installation environment.
Note: Ensure that you install the following Jazz™ Reporting Service components: Report Builder and Lifecycle Query Engine.

Upgrade and data migration

If you upgrade ENI, use these links to learn how to perform the upgrading tasks:
  1. Read about Upgrading Engineering Lifecycle Management.
  2. Use the Interactive upgrade guide to build a set of instructions to fit your environment.


After you install the product, run the setup wizard to configure your database, email settings, and user registry, and to register your applications. The wizard detects and allows you to set up the applications that you have just installed.
  • If you use the default database and user registry, run the Express® setup wizard which is a simplified version of the wizard.
  • If you use an enterprise database, LDAP user registries, or if you want to deploy the applications in a distributed topology, run the Custom setup wizard. This setup option is recommended for production environments.
Note: Ensure that you installed and set up the Jazz Reporting Service components: Report Builder and Lifecycle Query Engine.


  • To learn about additional administrative tasks, read Administering Engineering Lifecycle Management. This section provides detailed information about registering additional applications with the Jazz Team Server, managing licenses and users, backing up and restoring applications, etc.
  • To learn about ENI application administration tasks such as creating project areas, managing project content, etc., read Administering Engineering Insights.


With ENI, you unlock engineering knowledge from multiple tools, and gain the insights you need to take action. You help your teams work faster and smarter on large, complex engineering projects, by visualizing the relationships among engineering data. By using ENI, you simplify common analysis activities, such as:
  • Change impact analysis: what work must we do for this change request?
  • Situational awareness: where are we as we converge towards done?
  • Validity and compliance checking: is our engineering information complete and related correctly?
To get started with the product, read the Engineering Insights usage map, and the Tutorials section.

For more information about using the product, read about Managing complex data across multiple engineering disciplines.

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