Engineering Insights troubleshooting and support

Learn how to troubleshoot IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI).

IBM Support can help with specific technical queries for ENI, but some requests might be outside the scope of what IBM Support can do in a service request (PMR). Some examples of tasks that fall outside IBM Support's mandate are:
  • Pre-installation planning with customer stakeholders
  • Identifying stakeholders and their requirements
  • Mapping the location of artifacts within an enterprise
  • Determining which artifacts within an enterprise to index
  • Determining the relationships between those artifacts as a basis for queries
  • Design and creation of new custom queries, reports, views, and impact analysis diagrams
  • SPARQL syntax
  • Configuring and troubleshooting TRS providers for non-IBM tools

See the General product troubleshooting topic for information resources and tools to help you troubleshoot problems.

Engineering Lifecycle Management troubleshooting and support
Learn how to troubleshoot the product.
Error messages for Engineering Lifecycle Management products
When an error occurs, one or more messages are logged and might be displayed in the product. You can find information about how to troubleshoot errors by searching for messages in the Messages Information Center on Jazz®.net. In that information center, you can also collaborate with message developers to improve messages.