Impact analysis types

An impact analysis diagram can contain many artifacts of different types, such as requirements, change requests, test cases, and more. You can find the type of artifact to focus on by using the Navigation Tree in the diagram. Learn the meaning of the different artifact types in the Navigation Tree.

Note: All users can use the Navigation Tree types to focus on specific artifacts. To understand the meaning of the types, you must understand the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE). This article is for administrative users.

Impact analysis discovers artifacts in the LQE data store by following links. The artifacts in the LQE data store are represented in RDF, and the structure of these artifacts is described by RDF vocabularies. Impact analysis obtains type labels and link labels from the RDF vocabularies that are configured with LQE.

An administrative user can view the vocabularies at https://lqe-server:lqe-port/lqe/web/admin/vocabularies

The following sections give details about how impact analysis, RDF, and LQE deal with type anomalies.