Setting up email notification for Lifecycle Query Engine events

You can configure Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) to send email notifications when specific events occur. For example, if a data source becomes unavailable, or if a node goes offline, you’re notified and can take the appropriate corrective action.

Before you begin

Because LQE uses the Jazz™ Team Server (JTS) notification system, you must specify the corresponding properties on JTS.
Log in to the Jazz Team Server as an administrator and on the main page, click Manage Server. On the Server page, under Configuration, click E-mail Settings, click Edit, and update the following properties:
  • Enable email Notification
  • Email From Address
  • SMTP Server

About this task

You can select the types of events and status levels for which you want to receive notifications.


  1. In the LQE administration page menu, under Configuration, click Notifications.

    Screen capture of the Notifications page

  2. Click the Add Recipient icon to add users who are registered with the Jazz Team Server, and select the events for which to notify them.