Analyzing Lifecycle Query Engine server statistics

Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) provides detailed statistics that you can use to analyze the performance of the server and queries. You can use this information to identify performance issues and take corrective actions, or to make decisions about improvements.


  1. On the LQE Health Monitoring page at https:<host_name>:<port>/lqe/web/health/overview, click Statistics in the menu.
    Screen capture of a portion of the Statistics page with one node in the list selected.
    If you deployed LQE across several nodes, in the Node Statistics section select a node from the list and see the associated details, such as data and system information, and memory usage. You can also focus on a specific partition to see data for artifacts, historical data, artifact type data, or internal metadata.
  2. To view query execution metrics for completed, running or blocked queries, click Queries in the menu. In the Node Queries section, you can view details about a particular point in the chart by hovering over the point.
    • To block a running query, click Block in the Actions column. The query will be listed on the Blocked Queries page.
    • To unblock a query, click the Unblock action in the list.
  3. To see query execution metrics for a specific time period, go to the Partition Performance page. The metrics can be viewed as a chart or as a list. You can focus on specific nodes, partitions and time periods.