Connecting Lifecycle Query Engine to data sources to generate the index

Any lifecycle management tool that supports the Tracked Resource Set (TRS) specification can be used as a data source for the Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) index. To ensure that LQE can access the data, you must configure it to work with Jazz® Team Server (JTS) and then add the lifecycle tools as data sources (TRS providers) for LQE.

About this task

If LQE and the lifecycle management tools that you are indexing share the same JTS, it is easy to configure the data sources because JTS can share some settings with LQE. If you ran the setup wizard, the TRS feeds are discovered automatically when you add a data source.
If you installed Lifecycle Query Engine on a separate JTS from the lifecycle management applications, first you install the client access license for LQE on the JTS of the lifecycle applications, you create a functional user ID, you create an inbound consumer key for LQE in the administration section of each lifecycle management application, and then you add the data sources.
For more distributed topologies in which there are several JTS servers, read these topics:
Important: If you index the Requirements Management (RM) data source after upgrading, or to fix problems that affect the RM TRS feed, perform a TRS 2.0 rebase before indexing.
  1. As an administrator, open a web browser, and go to https://RM_Server:9443/rm/
  2. Click TRS 2.0 Full Rebase. Wait for the operation to complete before you proceed. This step might take some time depending on the data size. Reindex the RM data source only after the rebase operation completed.