Troubleshooting invalid update warnings

Tracked Resource Set patch events track updates to artifacts but are mostly used to update configurations of versioned artifacts. If patch events are not applied, reports and queries on specific configurations might return incorrect results. Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) tracks patch event errors on the data source status administration page to help you troubleshoot.


If a patch event is not applied, Lifecycle Query Engine shows the invalid update on the data sources administration page at http://<Host_name>:<port>/lqe/web/admin/data-sources.

Invalid updates warning on the Data Sources page


To resolve this problem:
  1. Get the list of failed artifact updates.

    On the Data Sources administration page, click the data source that has invalid updates. On the Invalid Updates tab, view the list of artifacts for which the patch event was not applied.

  2. Analyze the details for each failure, and troubleshoot the problem.

    Check if the affected artifacts are also in the list of skipped resources. If they are, retry the skipped resources.

  3. After you troubleshoot, come back to the Data Sources page to verify if invalid updates are still reported. If you find a warning, get the list of invalid updates again. You can also download or clear the list.
  4. If you are not able to resolve the problem, contact your support team.