How Lifecycle Query Engine uses licenses

Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) connects to tracked resource set (TRS) feeds to index data from the connected data sources (TRS providers).

In addition to the role-based licenses, LQE also uses functional user licenses. These aren’t for actual users, but are account IDs that are needed to set up connections to other capabilities or to run background tasks. None of these licenses add to the server user limit.

Table 1. Minimum licenses required for Lifecycle Query Engine to access data from the connected data sources
Product License that is consumed by LQE Description
IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management(ELM) TRS Consumer-Internal For Engineering Lifecycle Management products, such as IBM Engineering Test Management, IBM Engineering Workflow Management, and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next, that user is configured to be a functional user and consume a TRS Consumer-Internal license. This license is distributed with the standard licenses for Engineering Lifecycle Management.
UNICOM Focal Point UNICOM Focal Point license Because UNICOM Focal Point isn’t based on the Jazz platform, an actual UNICOM Focal Point license is consumed by LQE. When LQE sends a request to UNICOM Focal Point, it must authenticate by using a user ID, and that causes the license that is associated with the user ID to be consumed. The user ID used by LQE must have full access to the data. This type of user ID is sometimes called a functional user (that is, it’s not a real person - it represents LQE). The data access is configured in UNICOM Focal Point by a UNICOM Focal Point administrator.
IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS TRS Consumer-Internal For Engineering Requirements Management DOORS, a FLEX TRS license is consumed, and must be hosted by a FLEX license server so that it’s available to DOORS to validate the login. In addition, to provide the TRS interface for LQE, you must be running IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS - Web Access (DWA). The session consumes one DOORS or DWA user license.