Reporting on data from Engineering Requirements Management DOORS

You can write data warehouse reports on data from IBM® Engineering Requirements Management DOORS®(DOORS). Use the Engineering Requirements Management DOORS working set, attribute and link type mapping, and the reportable shape to determine which data is available for reports.

Before you begin

Prepare your data in DOORS by following the steps in Configuring DOORS data for external applications.


  1. In the Data Collection Component, add DOORS as a resource group (step 7).
    1. In the Version field, you can enter the version of DOORS as a label.
    2. For the Unique Identifier field, you might want to use a GUID Generator such as to generate a unique identifier to copy and paste into that field.

    Whatever data can be seen by the DOORS user which is set in the Data Collection Component resource group for DOORS, is the data that gets seen by all users in Report Builder. The DOORS Database - RM Project that gets created in the data warehouse is fully public and any Jazz Team Server user can see all the data in any Report Builder reports, since there is no correlation between JTS users and DOORS users.

  2. Run the data collection jobs (step 10). The Requirement Management job handles both DOORS and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next data.
    DOORS dcc job
  3. After the data collection jobs have completed, manually refresh the metadata for the data warehouse data source:
    1. Open Report Builder (https://server_name:port/rs) , and click Admin.
    2. Click the Data Sources link in the product banner.
    3. Click the data warehouse link, such as Data warehouse.
    4. Click Refresh.
      Data source admin page
  4. Start building a data warehouse report.
  5. When building the report, limit the scope to the DOORS Database - RM Project.
    Select DOORS project
  6. Select the Requirement artifact type.
    Requirements artifact
  7. When you are satisfied with the format of your report, run the report. For example, this report shows a list of requirements.
    Requirements artifact