Authoring reports with Report Builder

By using the Report Builder component of , you can access a collection of ready-made reports and run them with your project data. You can build your own reports to view artifacts from across your projects, including the ones that use configurations. Export the reports to different formats, such as spreadsheets, document-style reports, or image files.

Using Report Builder to report on versioned artifacts in configurations in requirements management (RM) and quality management (QM) project areas is available with limitations. See Reporting on data in configurations with Report Builder in IBM® Knowledge Center and Getting started with reporting by using Lifecycle Query Engine data sources on Jazz™.net for more information.

Starting in version 6.0.6, a new Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) solution is available for evaluation purposes in test environments. If your administrator enabled the technology preview, go to this article on to learn more about trying out LQE with property graph technology.