Changing how your report looks by using Report Builder

In Report Builder reports that you can edit, you can toggle between showing your report in a graph or table format. You can also change the colors of the lines or bars in graphs.

Before you begin

You must be able to edit the report.
  • For ready-to-copy reports, you must first make a copy, and then edit the copy.
  • For custom reports, you must be the author, and owner, or a report manager.


  1. Open the report in Report Builder.
  2. Change how your report looks.
    Option Description
    Change between table and graph format
    1. Click Edit > Format results.
    2. In the Format section, click Table or Graph, and click Refresh.
    3. Click Save.

    If the report is already on a dashboard, the format of the report on the dashboard does not change. The change applies only when you run it in Report Builder or add to new instances of the report to dashboards.

    Change the color of bars and lines in graphs
    1. Click Edit > Format results.
    2. In the Format section, click Graph.
    3. In the Modify colors section, select the colors for the lines, bars, or segments in the graph.
    4. Click Save.
    • You can change the colors only in Report Builder, not from a dashboard widget.
    • You cannot change the colors in a ready-to-use report.
    • Your color choices are preserved and are also visible when you run the report from a dashboard widget.
      Note: Sometimes you must reset your color preferences. Consider a report about work item (defect) types where you previously decided to show major work items in red. If you edited the report and saved your changes when there were no major work items, you must set the color again.
    Adjust the column width in report results Click Edit > Run report. At the edge of the column, click and drag the double-headed arrow.
    Drag the arrow to adjust the width