Choosing team members to manage data sources and reports

As an administrator or a report manager, you can designate other report managers. These users are typically administrators or project managers who oversee a set of projects and need access to reports about tracking and planning. Report managers can import additional reports, edit and delete reports created by other team members, and create, modify, and delete data sources.

Before you begin

  • Report Builder must be installed and registered as an application with the Jazz™ Team Server.
  • A default data source must be configured for Report Builder, and you must be connected to it.
  • You must have Jazz administrative privileges or be a report manager.


  1. In a browser window, open the Setup page: https://server:port/rs/setup
  2. Click Choose report managers.
  3. Add or remove users, and click OK.


Report managers can now access the Setup page directly to complete the following tasks:
  • Manage data sources, for example, updating the password required to connect to a data source, or specify a new location for a data source as part of balancing workload among servers in a distributed environment
  • Import additional reports
  • Add and remove other report managers

If you edit a report that other team members have added to their dashboards, they see updated report results when they refresh the corresponding report widget on their dashboards or reload their dashboards.