Create, refine, and manage reports

The three video lessons in this tutorial show you how to use the Report Builder component of Jazz Reporting Service to create reports to view data from across your projects.

These videos were created in Jazz Reporting Service version 5.0.1; the user interface has changed since then, and offers new features. For more videos, see the Jazz Reporting Service playlist on YouTube.

By watching these videos, you can learn to quickly define a cross-project report:
  • Select the artifact type and projects to report on.
  • Create conditions to refine the data that is included in your report. For example, you might want to show only work items that are closed or you might need to see tests that were inconclusive.
  • Format your report by specifying column labels, order of appearance, and other attributes of the artifact you are reporting on.
  • Manage who can see your reports.
  • Add tags to group your report with related reports or to make your report easy to find.
  • Use existing reports or change them to suit your needs.

This tutorial has three videos, and viewing all three takes less than 15 minutes.

Choose the data to report on

From the list of applications on Jazz servers, select an artifact type to report on, and select the projects from which to display those artifacts. Then, create conditions to return only the artifacts that you are interested in.

About this task

This video shows how to select the artifact type to report on, select the projects to report on, and create conditions for your report.

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Format your report

Add columns to your report or remove columns. Arrange the columns to suit your needs.

About this task

This video shows how to add, remove, and arrange columns in your report.

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Finish and then manage reports

Specify your report name and description. You can also add tags to your report to make it easier to find or to group it with related reports. You can specify whether your report is visible to only you, or you can publish it to a catalog of existing reports, which can be added to Jazz dashboards.

About this task

This video shows how to name your report, add tags to make it easy to find, specify its visibility, and how to add it to Jazz dashboards.

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