Changing the Rational ClearCase dynamic view

The New ClearCase-Synchronized Stream wizard creates a Rational® ClearCase® dynamic view that defines the configuration of a synchronized stream. If you must, you can create a new Rational ClearCase dynamic view for an existing synchronized stream.

About this task

To create a Rational ClearCase dynamic view:


  1. Log on as the synchronization process Rational ClearCase account to a host that has access to the Rational ClearCase view that you want to associate with the synchronized stream.
  2. Start the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) Eclipse client.
  3. In the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view, right-click the stream whose view you want to change and click Open to open the Synchronized Stream editor. On the ClearCase tab, the Synchronization view field displays the view tag of this view.
  4. To the right of the view tag, click New.
  5. Optional: Enter a new view storage location. You can use the existing one.


When you click OK, the wizard creates a Rational ClearCase dynamic view.

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