Modifying the merge workspace

You can change the owner or the name of the merge workspace for a synchronized stream.

About this task

When a synchronized stream is created, the New ClearCase-Synchronized Stream wizard creates a repository workspace (the merge workspace for that synchronized stream) owned by the IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) user who ran the wizard. Changes made in a repository workspace, such as the merges that resolve conflicts, must be made by the owner of the merge workspace, the synchronized stream creator account. If you must transfer ownership of the merge workspace for a synchronized stream to a different EWM user, that user must use the Repository Workspace editor to change the owner of the workspace. For more information, see Changing owners of repository workspaces.


To change the name of the merge workspace:

  1. Connect to the repository as the user who owns the existing merge workspace.
  2. Open the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view, right-click the stream whose merge workspace you want to change, and click Open to open the Synchronized Stream editor.
  3. On the Team Concert page, the view tag is displayed in the Merge Workspace for this view. Edit the workspace name in this field. Click Save.