Specifying the user accounts mapping

The export command creates the structural framework of the credential mapping. Before you run the import, you can manually specify the mapping between the user accounts that access Rational® ClearCase® and the user accounts that access IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM). The import command reads the credential mapping, and the mapped account is set to the owner of the EWM source control change set.

About this task

  • For example, you can create the mapping entry for user1, in the group, user by changing the userMap.properties for user/user1= to user/user1=user2.
  • You can also create a Jazz™ Team Server contributor account in EWM to which you can map users who are no longer working on the project. The account does not require a license or need to be in the EWM source control stream's project area.
  • If you do not map a Jazz Team Server user account, the owner field value for EWM source control change sets is the same as the credentials used for the import.
  • When you import multiple VOBs, you can reuse the userMap.properties file that you manually edited and copy the file into a folder that the export command generates to. The Jazz Team Server account mapping is saved during the export command.

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