Scheduling synchronization

Synchronization is managed by the synchronization engine process, which runs synchronizations at scheduled times. IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) users can also request a synchronization at any time.

About this task

Schedule synchronizations to run during periods of low Rational® ClearCase® activity (For example, at night). They can take several minutes to several hours to complete, and lock the Rational ClearCase branch type or stream during that period.

If the integration branch type or stream cannot be locked for the amount of time required for a synchronization, you can create a branch type or stream dedicated to the synchronization process. For a dedicated UCM stream, create the dedicated stream as a child stream of the integration stream, and then periodically deliver and rebase that child stream. For a dedicated branch type, periodically perform a findmerge operation from the integration branch to that branch and from that branch to the integration branch. You can also automate the deliver/rebase or findmerge operations by writing scripts that run before and after synchronization. For more information, see Running custom scripts before and after synchronization.


To view or modify the synchronization schedule for a stream:

  1. In the Eclipse main menu, click Window > Show view > Other and expand Jazz source control.
    You can also type ClearCase in the filter text window to filter the list of views to show.
  2. Select ClearCase-Synchronized Streams and click OK.
    The ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view shows all synchronized streams in your team area. To see synchronized streams in other team areas, select Change Team Area from the view menu.
  3. To view and modify the synchronization schedule, right click the stream select Open Synchronization Schedule.