Canceling and abandoning a synchronization request

You can cancel a pending synchronization request, and you can abandon an active synchronization.

About this task

When a synchronization has been requested but has not yet started (indicated by status of Pending), you can cancel the request to prevent the synchronization from starting. When a synchronization has started (indicated by status of Active), you can abandon it to stop the work on it. If you abandon a running synchronization, it might continue to run for a short period of time until it reaches a state from which it can cleanly exit.


  1. Open the ClearCase-Synchronized Streams view, right-click the stream whose synchronization request that you want to cancel or synchronization that you want to abandon, and click Show Synchronization History.
  2. In the Build History view, right-click the most recent entry and click Cancel Build Request to cancel a pending synchronization request or click Abandon Build to abandon an active synchronization.

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