Exporting data and specifying the change-set comment format

The Rational® ClearCase® versions are imported as individual change sets in IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) source control. Before you import data, you must export it to intermediate data files. When you export data, you can also customize the comment field of the source control change sets when they are migrated.

About this task

When you specify the Rational ClearCase command output format in the export command, the format is passed to the cleartool describe command. The output is used when the ClearCase Version Importer creates an EWM source control change set. The change-set comment is displayed in the History view of EWM.
Note: The default for the comment option is versionNumber:checkinComment.

To export data and specify the EWM source control change-set comment format, use the following command:

ccc export ccase-i  |  --inputRoot ] input root [ -d | --dataDir ] data directory [ -F | --changeSetCommentFormat ]format


  1. For information about formatting syntax, see the Rational ClearCase documentation and search for fmt_ccase.
  2. Verify the new format with a Rational ClearCase command.
    cleartool describe -fmt "<your format>" <file path in the Rational
    ClearCase view>
  3. Specify the format value to the -F  |  --changeSetCommentFormat ] option of the export command.


ccc export ccase -i m:\release_1_1_frozen\products\titan\src -d \\san\huge\export-titan -F "version name: %Vn, comment: %c"

What to do next

  • If the export command fails, you can run the command again after fixing the root cause. The command resumes the export operations from the point of the previous run and does not require you to start over. Failures can be a result of lengthy exports. You can plan ahead to migrate the data in smaller increments. For more information, see Migrating data in increments.
  • You can now import the data into EWM source control. Before you import data, you have the options to update character encoding of the text files or exclude file elements from the exported data files. For more information, see Updating character encoding of text files and Excluding file elements from the exported data files.
  • To export new files or versions of files that are added after the last export, run the export command again.